Comaple has a complete range of electric cables for different uses, which meet all the needs of the market where we work:

 Power cables

  • Bare conductors for aerial lines
  • Insulated medium voltage cables
  • Low voltage cables
  • Armoured cables for hazardous areas.

Instrumentation and control cables

  • Shielded paired, triad and quad cables, etc.
  • Thermocouple extension cables
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Cables for Communications, Data and Telephone

Cables for Special Application

  • High security cables (halogen-free, fireproof, etc)
  • High temperature cables
  • Cables for mining
  • Cables for offshore installations and marine environments

Cables for Renewable Energies

  • Complete cable solutions for Photovoltaic Installations
  • Special cables for wind farms

We can complete our wide range of cables with many accessories, which means a total solution for different installation from a single supplier:

  • Connections and terminals for BT and MT cables with thermo-controllable technology and cold contraction
  • Separable, shielded, pluggable and bolt-on connectors for underground distribution networks.
  • Junction boxes and connectors for fibre optical.
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