Resources and solutions for industrial projects

Resources and solutions

Framework Agreements
Turnkey EPC projects
Made to measure solutions for weatherproof area and hazardous areas
Workshop and warehouse
Integral supply system
Cable Management
Outsourcing/managing work and logistics warehouses
Regular distribution services

Comaple has over 20 years’ experience in managing framework agreements. A framework agreement is a technical rationalisation of a contract whereby terms and conditions are pre-established as common to all orders based within the framework agreement.
Within these framework agreements, we offer or assessment service for simplifying the purchase procedures, standardising materials, integrating compatible computer processes with those of the client, maintaining stocks and materials on consignment.

We offer complete engineering services, design and turnkey packages. Our references include both Oil & Gas projects and Energy Generation:
– Engineering and design
– Supply
– Installation
– Start up and supervision

Comaple provides complete systems for:
• Communications and industrial safety.
• Electrical tracing.
• Heating and air conditioning.
• Lighting.
• Protection systems against atmospheric discharges.
• Busbars.

Comaple is a company which specialises in solutions for both areas.

– NEC: Class I, Div 1 and 2. Class II, Div 1 and 2. Class III, Div 1 and 2.
– Industrial, for extreme environments.

We design the best offer taking in the needs of our clients, always with the support of reputed brands and suppliers with a strong base in the market.

Comaple has warehouses and workshops in Madrid, Seville, Mexico D.F and UAE. Our warehouses are located close to the main communication hubs, which allows us to integrate and consolidate orders while optimising delivery and costs. Through our partners and agents, we can extend our capacity to projects anywhere in the world.
At our workshops we can design and assemble:

• Junction boxes
• Control stations.
• Distribution panels.
• Relay panels
• Monitoring panels for electrical heat.
• Lighting panels.
• Cable looms.
• Connection hoses.

Comaple has developed its own integral management system for projects which we call “Integral Supply System”. This system rationalises supplies from the design stage to the final installation.
• Standardisation of products
• Establishing procedures and operating systems approved by the client.
• Eliminating surplus by repurchasing agreements.
• Establishing and operating on site or nearby.
• Establishing stocks by project.
• Agreement report with the conditions for the project using computer systems which are compatible with the client’s.
• Eliminating delays.
• Prices valid for a complete project, including small quantities.
• Eliminating stocks.
• Standardised products.
• Savings derived from the fact that the supplier takes charge of processes of purchasing, logistics and storage.

Additional characteristics of the Integral Supply System:
• Cable cut to the client’s requirements.
• Perfect knowledge of the cable supplied to each contractor and its location in the installation.
• It allows the return of cable not used by the contractors.
• Cable delivered with connection accessories (cable glands, terminals…) allready mounted.
Additional advantages of the Integral Supply System:
• 0 surplus is possible.
• It avoids loss and disappearance of cables on site.
• It allows a check that the cable supplied to the contractors is effectively that which was supplied.

From our own installations

• We have our own warehouses in Seville, Madrid and Mexico City.
• With our integral logistics service from our installations, we provide the people, Software, Hardware, machinery, process development and the Know-How to carry out the integral logistics for the client, focussing on:
• monitoring orders to suppliers.
• Receipt of materials and control of incoming material.
• Location and storage.
• Inventory control.
• Order preparation.
• Managing documentation.
• Logistics, transport, inverse logistics.
Externalization “In House”
We take our procedures, knowledge and staff to the client’s installations for excellent management of the services they wish to outsource.

Comaple’s main purpose in logistics is to deliver the appropriate products (goods and services) in the right place at the exact time and in the conditions required, so contributing as much as possible to the client’s satisfaction. To this end, we have developed the capacity to organise regular distribution services from our warehouses to wherever our clients request.

International logistics
We have a network of local and international service providers, which allows us to transport a variety of materials from and to anywhere in the world at competitive prices.


Modernising the Talara refinery

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Supplies for JGC corporation

COMAPLE is supplying JGC Corporation with bulk electrical materials (supports and columns for lighting, racks, clamps, conduit and accessories, tools, earthing material, optical fibre and material for small electrical assembly, etc…) for the following projects: HASSI-MESSAOUD CIS REVAMPING PROJECT (HMDS) HASSI R’MEL BOOSTING PHASE 3 PROJECT (HRM3) HASSI MESSAOUD UPSIDE… Carried out in Algeria for...
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