Our Products

We are specialists in solutions for the industry, aggressive environments and hazardous areas.

With the support of the most important manufacturers, we offer flexible, quality solutions for electrical projects in the industrial and service sectors, using the most innovative products and the most thorough technical information. COMAPLE offers support from the project design stage to the start up.

We offer our clients cover for all their needs for material assembly of instrumentation and instrumentation processes.

Our wide experience allows us to advise you as to the best choice for your project, covering the needs of different industries in the instrument sector.

We have the backing of reputed companies.

Complete solutions for heating pipes, tanks and deposits, as well as air conditioning installations in all kinds of industrial projects, even in extreme conditions or areas with a risk of explosion.

With the help of our technical partners we can help you to develop efficient and economic solutions to your needs for heating and conditioning and provide made to measure solutions for any project, however big or complicated.

We are an international reference for the development, provision and installation of communication and safety systems for industrial environments.

We commercialise a wide variety of products and offer integrated turnkey solutions adapted to the specific needs of each project and client.

The experience gained over our 25 years of existence in the most demanding sectors has allowed us to draw up a catalogue of electrical, instrument, safety and heating solutions, adapted to the needs of renewable energy projects.

Our knowledge of this kind of energies allows us to offer solutions for provision, components and complete systems.