Lighting and accessories



  • ATEX/ IEC: zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. Typoe of protection: Exd, Exe, Exn.
  • NEC 500: class I, div 1 y 2 , class II div 1 y 2, class III div 1 and 2. Nema 4 and 4X
  • NEC 505: AExd, AExe, AExn

Lighting fixtures for hazardous areas:

  • Fluorescent or LED lights.
  • Emergency fluorescent or LED lights.
  • Lights for discharge lamps: incandescent, high pressure, sodium vapour, metal halides or LED
  • Floodlight: sodium vapour, metal halides or LED
  • Portable lighting
  • Lighting for industrial use

Lighting fixture for wheater proof areas:

Industrial lighting according to EN regulation.


Mountings, posts and installation devices for:

  • Ceiling mount
  • Pendant mount
  • Wall mount
  • Floor mount
  • Platform mount
  • Columns and posts for street lighting
  • Floodlight towers
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