Capacitor banks

Our offer combines  LV capacitors and, LV and HV equipments for the power factor correction:

  • Low-voltage power capacitors up to 1000V in cylinder or prism.
  • Capacitor equipment for low voltage reactive power compensation up to 1000 V.
  • Single-phase capacitors up to 24/v3 kV and 800 and kvar, triple phase up to 12 kV, 650 kvar. Made of polypropylene dielectric and aluminium foil and impregnated with vegetable oil (not PCB).
  • Capacitors for induction furnaces. Used both for smelting furnaces in mains frequency and at frequencies from 500 Hz to several kHz, in the case of smelting furnaces with electronic converters.
  • Power electronic capacitors (PEC) cover a wide range of applications such as direct and alternating current filtering, semi-conductor protection (snubber), storage of power for GTOs, etc.
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